Toxicological Assessment of a Polyherbal Mixture on Organ Weights and Hormonal Profile in Exposed Wistar Rats

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Godswill J. Udom
John A. Udobang
Daniel N. Obot
Nkechi J. Onyeukwu
Ikanna E. Asuquo
Jude E. Okokon


Hormonal imbalance and hypertrophy of internal organs are sensitive indices of toxicity which may be multifactorial (including exposure to certain foods, drugs and herbal remedies), and are implicated in certain conditions such as infertility amongst others. Dr Iguedo Goko Cleanser® is a polyherbal mixture (PHM) often described by promoters as ‘super effective’ for the treatment of various ailments. The present study was aimed to evaluate the exposure-related effects of PHM on hormonal profile and weight of internal organs in Wistar rats of both gender. Thirty Wistar rats (both genders) randomly allotted to six groups (5 in each group) were exposed orally to PHM for 60 days. Control groups (1 and 4; 10 mL/kg distilled water), groups 2-3 and 5-6 received PHM (476.24; 158.75 mg/kg) respectively. On 62nd day, animals were euthanized under diethyl ether anaesthesia and sacrificed. Blood samples were collected for hormonal analysis and vital organs were eviscerated for macroscopic examinations. PHM significantly (P=.05) decreased spleen weight in female subjects relative to control. However, female rats had higher spleen weights compared to male rats. HDF (high dose females) had increased brain weight relative to control groups. Female rats had dose-dependent increased in progesterone relative to control. Female rats had higher progesterone concentration relative to males. Female rats recorded increased estradiol compared to male rats. However, this was reduced in HDF relative to control; low dose females had elevated estradiol compared to control and HDF. Results of the present day study strongly suggest caution and good judgement as regards the prolonged use of the polyherbal mixture especially as the probable hypertrophy of the brain observed in experimental female rats is not negligible.

Herbal remedy, hypertrophy, hormonal imbalance, toxicity

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Udom, G. J., Udobang, J. A., Obot, D. N., Onyeukwu, N. J., Asuquo, I. E., & Okokon, J. E. (2020). Toxicological Assessment of a Polyherbal Mixture on Organ Weights and Hormonal Profile in Exposed Wistar Rats. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Endocrinology, 3(2), 29-36. Retrieved from
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