A Journey from Woman to Mother: Hormonal Contribution

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Rakhi Gaur
Ankita Yadav


Pregnancy is considered as a most beautiful event in a woman’s life. It’s the time of transformation of a woman into mother which is mostly dependent on hormonal influence. The word hormone has taken its origin from the Greek word “hormon” which signifies a substance which stimulate specific cells or tissues into action. As pregnancy is a journey of nine months so the impact of hormones make it a continuous process. The purpose of this article is to aware and educate women regarding importance of hormones and the significant role they play that ultimately help them in their journey from woman to mother. Although pregnancy is full of happiness, yet having so many changes could be disturbing too. Here, we are discussing about some important hormones, which are produced and changed during pregnancy and having their effects on different body systems.

Pregnancy, hormonal influence, endocrine

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